Enterprise ESG, centralised data, consolidated real-time view

Secure, confidential, multilingual information collection

Management System Design & Build

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Deploy modular training

Enterprise ESG, centralised data, consolidated real-time view

Confidential, need to know, protect

ESG initiatives inside

Risk areas, assess, receive guidance

Assess procedures, policies, programmes

Obtain ranking, validation, compliance

Attain verification, certification, recognition

Communicate, build trust

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Reduce risk. Avert

Implement ESG initiatives. Drive

Effect change. Culture-first

Identify issues. Resolve

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Alignment with partners, resilience

Our Expertise across 19 key ESG Focus Areas

Speeki: the innovative enterprise solution for managing and operationalising ESG programmes in corporates

Companies have been searching for a way to push environmental, social and governance (ESG) to the forefront of their businesses. Many global initiatives are now at play to create standards that companies can follow to measure and report out ESG initiatives, yet few companies have truly operationalised these initiatives. Goals and ideals are great, but they need to be operationalised and embedded with clear and discrete programmes.

Speeki is embracing these changes and releasing new enhancements to expand the Speeki Platform into a comprehensive system that goes beyond governance and whistleblowing and embraces all aspects of a modern ESG programme.

At Speeki, we believe that a lot of focus has been placed on the financial ratings of funds and investments when it comes to ESG, but there has been very little focus on the corporates themselves, who have to build and implement their own ESG journey.

The Speeki ESG model adopts 19 key ESG risk areas as the foundation of our ESG system. Clients using the Speeki Platform can leverage its embedded tools and technologies with our ready-made Risk Packages to immediately launch ESG programmes and manage their chosen ESG risks.

PR_ESG Risk areas

‘Using the technology and services from Speeki, companies can implement programmes across key risk areas and start to collect data and signals about their ESG areas from a broad audience, including both internally and from the broader market and industry professionals,’ said Scott Lane, CEO of Speeki. ‘The Speeki Platform allows significantly enhanced ways to gather data about ESG and then analyse that data and provide actionable insights.’

What companies can do with Speeki today

The new Speeki ESG solutions help companies:

  • implement their ESG initiatives, analyse ESG operations and predict ESG gaps
  • operationalise ESG programmes, including ready-made full packages for key risk areas like boards, governance, whistleblowing, compliance, bribery and corruption, ethics and integrity, human capital management, and diversity and inclusion
  • use data from signals to analyse potential risks and opportunities for improvement of their ESG initiatives
  • access industry-leading guidance, advice, tools, technologies and consulting
  • complete ESG ratings on key risk areas and conduct programme reviews, gap analyses and audits
  • apply for and obtain certifications according to governance and compliance ISO standards.

The Speeki Platform can collect ESG data from your employees, customers, partners and investors, and the dataset can be used to actively drive your ESG programmes.

About Speeki

Speeki is an innovative software platform that enables companies to meet their ESG obligations more effectively. Speeki’s signals, insights, actions process collects data on ESG risks from multiple sources, analyses that data to generate powerful insights, and suggests relevant actions for significant transformational improvement of your ESG processes. Speeki warns you about risks earlier and allows you to closely engage with employees and other stakeholders, giving you improved compliance and ultimately enhancing your business sustainability.

Speeki® – take no chances, hear all voices.

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