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Enterprise ESG, centralised data, consolidated real-time view

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Speeki, the new revolutionary, secure and engaging whistleblowing platform

25 November 2020 | IntegraCall® AI-driven whistleblower platform has a new look: Speeki, a revolutionary but simple, private, and secure platform that enables you to engage your stakeholders for honest and actionable insights that ensure compliance and drive effective growth.

With Speeki, companies can learn how to grow their business using valuable insights, enjoy peace of mind in knowing their employees and stakeholders have raised all relevant compliance issues and have a secure platform to manage engagement.

PR_Speeki Messaging

Using Speeki, companies can today:

  • Easily meet compliance regulations around whistleblower reporting
  • Simplify the company's compliance reporting and investigation procedures with automated case assignment and management
  • Detect issues before they become problems and proactively engage with stakeholders to gain actionable insights
  • Enjoy control over your compliance reporting procedures with all the powerful tools you need in one place 

“We believe that Speeki changes the game in compliance reporting and whistleblowing by putting the power into the hands of the reporters, allowing them to use an app on their mobile phones to give feedback, report issues and engage with company management”. Said Scott Lane, CEO of Speeki.

Speeki is available for demo and purchase throughwww.speeki.com.

About Speeki

Speeki® is a confidential and anonymous solution for reporting illegal and unethical activities in the workplace and in our communities.

Speeki blends secure compliance reporting with active stakeholder engagement through an ultra-simple, AI-powered application. It detects issues before they become problems, creates happier and more satisfied stakeholders, and drives your company to its full potential.

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