Enterprise ESG, centralised data, consolidated real-time view

Secure, confidential, multilingual information collection

Messaging, reports, SMS

Surveys, primary research, feelings, thoughts

Commenters, observers, interactions

Confidential, need to know, protect

Enterprise ESG, centralised data, consolidated real-time view

Risk areas, assess, receive guidance

ESG initiatives inside

Suppliers, partners and ESG alignment

Customers, experience, feedback

Sustainable, resilient, impact

Join the dots, see patterns, real-time

Deploy modular training

Assess procedures, policies, programmes

Measure against goals, improve

Control the narrative

Obtain ranking, validation, compliance

Attain verification, certification, recognition

Communicate, build trust

Roles we support

Reduce risk. Avert

Implement ESG initiatives. Drive

Effect change. Culture-first

Identify issues. Resolve

Analyse root cause. Rectify

Alignment with partners, resilience

Risks we cover

Speeki annual report

Our Annual Report 2020-21 is here! In what has been an eventful year for our organisation and the wider compliance community, our annual report details all things Speeki. A feature of the annual report is our deep dive into compliance and ESG, with an in-depth look into the governance aspect of ESG and its five key elements, and recommendations for improvements within ESG.

We also introduce you to our newest product, Speeki Concierge, where we provide over 80 professional and managed services to assist you with all aspects of your programme. The services we offer include onboarding, communications, advisory and investigations, just to name a few. The full list of services and a detailed explanation of Speeki Concierge can be found in the report. 

The report gives further insight into who we are at Speeki and what we believe in, with a message from our CEO, and a closer look into one of the elements we value most here at Speeki: our people. You can also catch up with our on-demand webinars and learn about a wide range of topics, from getting employees to speak up about issues in the workplace to how QR codes and free access for everyone can change the compliance reporting industry.

''Our view at Speeki is that companies should "hear all voices" as an essential element of good governance & compliance," says Speeki CEO Scott Lane. 'We are transforming the traditional compliance hotline into a multi-level data and analytics platform that truly adds value by providing actionable insights into the health of your company. Clients that come with us on our journey will see the benefits of Speeki and love it as much as we do'.

Click here to download our 2020-21 Annual Report

About Speeki

The Speeki Platform and Speeki App enable businesses to automate manual compliance practices using app-first, AI-driven technology. At Speeki, we believe that companies should ‘hear all voices’ and the Speeki App gives employees a secure and safe way to report matters to management (even anonymously, if necessary).

Using Speeki’s digital compliance officer, Nicole, the Speeki App helps every employee or business partner report issues in their own language, complete conflict declarations and ethics surveys, access codes of conduct and policies, and apply for various compliance approvals right from their phones.

The SaaS-based Speeki Platform allows HR, legal, compliance and other executives to manage issues, conduct reviews, engage with reporters and conduct follow-up investigations in a secure workplace and case management centre.

Speeki® – take no chances, hear all voices.

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