Introducing Speeki Ratings

Every day, more companies recognise the importance of ESG and building and maintaining their ESG programmes. While some may be more ahead than others, there is a palpable need to evaluate ESG initiatives and best practices and to show value.

At Speeki, we tend to look at the market and develop solutions that take on a different perspective. We believe that ESG is a true business enabler and ESG initiatives are essential in every business. In view of this, Speeki focuses on building innovative and cost-effective solutions to help companies manage 19 key ESG risk areas. 

After analysing our clients’ needs, we realised that companies have been asking for some form of external validation to demonstrate their various ESG initiatives to their employees, customers, partners and investors. They also wanted an ESG rating product that was well priced but gave them lots of value for the development of their ESG risk areas. They didn’t want to kick off an expensive project, but wanted ratings for their ESG focus areas and indicators of their progress.

That is why Speeki created a rating tool that allows organisations to predict trends and act proactively. Other ratings tools that are currently on the market primarily address the ‘E’ and ‘S’ in ‘ESG’, but not the ‘G’. Speeki Ratings addresses the three equally. The enhanced integration of governance ensures a more balanced approach to enterprise ESG initiatives. The product offers organisations the opportunity to analyse their performance on the different ESG risk areas that compose Speeki's ESG model. The ever-growing list of crucial areas covered includes anti-corruption, compliance management, equality and diversity, governance, whistleblowing, transparency and ethical leadership.

What is included in Ratings

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Speeki Ratings depends on the quality of the evidence companies provide, which is analysed and processed by risk professionals. We conduct our own independent review and verification of responses and supporting evidence through the use of our proprietary scoring methodology.

The Speeki Ratings system produces a summary and a logo for you to use for marketing and awareness, as well as a detailed report on each question, your answer and where you need to focus your attention. This is the ideal way to obtain great input and experience in a cost-effective way, so you know where to focus attention and drive improvement for next time. 

For companies that are embarking on a certification, a Speeki Rating is a good pre-certification step. It is also useful in those areas where there is not yet a recognised standard, but where some external analysis is required without the complexities of a large certification project.

Speeki Ratings is a great investment towards developing a set of best practices on which to focus.

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